Traži li ga itko? Izgubljen pas iz Hrvatske je pronađen između Trsta i Slovenije

Podatci su poznati uredništvu. Molimo podijelite ovu novost da pomognemo vratiti psa svom vlasniku.

Good morning,

I’m writing you from Trieste, Italy. I’m a member of an association who takes care of dogs in need in our town, and we co-operate with the Municipality of Trieste when a dog is lost in particular because we have contacts with Slovenian dogs shelter.

I’m informing you that a dog with a Croatian microchip number 191100000718341 has been found on the border between Trieste and Slovenia but for strange reasons it has been brought in Florence. Unfortunately neither the Slovenian Registry Office nor the Pula Veterinary office has been able to find the file with the name of the owner. We would really appreciate if you can help us to find the owner in order to help this dog.

Many thanks in advance
Sabina Emili

28. rujna 2015. 9:49